Frequently Asked Questions



Water is the essence of life and we help deliver it to domestic and commercial clients throughout the Sunshine Coast.

Here are some of the queries we receive regarding our water delivery services.

If you have other questions, then please reach out to our friendly team.
Is rainwater safe for drinking and bathing?
Rural rainwater is typically safe to consume and bathe in unless it has been contaminated or improperly stored. Common contaminants include bird droppings, insects, dead animals and microscopic organisms that can make you quite ill.

Rainwater tanks can also be contaminated from roof or plumbing materials. Quality water, stored in a good quality rainwater tank, or from a well maintained water catchment system is probably safe.
Is it necessary to disinfect or clean my water tanks?
Does the water in my tank require regular testing?
Can I use water from my tank to spray crops?
What materials are acceptable for water tanks and their plumbing systems?
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